BeautyCounter, Rodan +Fields, and Other Things Your Friends Try to Sell You

A few weeks ago I came across this article on Refinery29 and sent it to my friends.  You see, while I have some weird personal aversion to joining a MLM (multi level marketing) company and selling products to my friends, I do however purchase a lot of products from these companies and absolutely LOVE them.  I’ve gone over some in the past, but I thought I’d give another ringing endorsement for things I’ve found that I love – that in no way, shape or form, benefits me through sales, commissions, click throughs, etc.  These opinions and experiences are truly my own!

(last bit was tongue in cheek, friends… but seriously, this is an honest non-sponsored review.  I am however plugging my girlfriends who sell these lines, because if it wasn’t for their persistence, I wouldn’t have become a fan myself and they are my girls so I love to help them out.  If you are looking for more information feel free to reach out them, they are more than excited to help convert you into becoming a believer too.)

A new to me line that I’ve seen blogged about for a good year or so is Beautycounter.  I first noticed some of their makeup – the SkinTint and Lipsticks – popping up in some lifestyle/fashion bloggers haul posts, then I noticed a line carried at Target.  I didn’t even realize this was a network marketing company until six months ago.  When I learned about the company’s mission, I was hooked the same why I was and am with brands like Honest Company and SoCozy.  I will do anything to minimize my and my family’s risk to cancer causing pollutants and nasty chemicals.  Beautycounter is ‘committed to a health and safety standard that goes beyond the requirements of the U.S. law.  More than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals have been banned from their products offered, and yet the company ensures these products will perform and are as indulgent as any other beauty or skincare item in the market.’  That’s a mission I’d love to support, and I’m a big believer in backing (buying) products from company’s you believe in.

While, I have been using Rodan + Fields skincare for a few years now, more below, I have been really interested in Beautycounter’s makeup line.  I don’t wear too much make up to begin with, but it’s something I would love to switch over to brands who use more natural ingredients. One of my closest friends, Sarah, sent me the beloved Skin Tint Foundation, in linen, to test drive when I told her I was interested after she signed up to be consultant.  I was a afraid the color would be a bit too dark for my winter skin, but it blended so nicely.  I’m not a liquid foundation lover, but this make up wears more like a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer.  It’s not heavy and while it smoothed my complexion it wasn’t cakey or thick at all.  Perfect for when I want a bit more coverage for a night out.

Sarah also sent me the charcoal mask to try.  I had tried one from Ulta and years ago won a MAC one through an old fashioned blog giveaway, so I knew I would love this one too. My skin feels clean, smooth, and exfoliated after 10 minutes of use.  And it’s always fun to scare the kids 😉

Lastly, I’ve been using the Lip Conditioner in Peppermint, and am obsessed.  I keep it with me all the time and I’ve stopped using most of my chapsticks.  It gives my lips a nice gloss finish, and keeps them soft and moisturized.  I’ve been letting the girls use it too (with my help, because I refuse to let them steal it all), but considering they basically put on so much chapstick it could be considered a snack, I’m glad they are using something made naturally with safe ingredients.  And their lips are shiny like mommy’s too!   If you are looking for more information about the line, check out the website or email Sarah!

I’ve had some readers/friends reach out in the past asking about my experience with Rodan + Fields and two and half years later I’m still going strong in using their products daily.  I will say the Rodan + Fields sellers, my friends, definitely fill up enough my facebook feed that I would consider hiding their posts, but it’s true, the products work!  The Refinery29 article mentions the Redefine line, which I personally cared for a bit less than the Reverse line I’m currently using now for the third time, but I still enjoyed the products especially the PM face cream.  I just need a bit more help in skin tone evenness and dark spot control than I do wrinkles.

Earlier this year, they released a second reverse line. The original is the Reverse Brightening focused on evening and brightening complexions and the new one is a Lightening line focused on dark spots, age spots, and patches.  I already have my order ready to go when I run out of the products I am using now.  I’m so glad they altered the regimen to include these products because it’s exactly what I need. You can see my first experience with Reverse, two years ago, in the picture and post linked above. Below is my progress from the last 4 weeks, since starting back up after taking a good six month break due to laziness -oops!   The change is minimal in photos, but what I notice most so far is less visible wrinkles and a more even skin tone.

I’ve also been using the Micro-dermabrasion Paste which is super comparable to Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel.  The R+F tub is about twice the price for non perks members, but it’s at least twice the size (2oz vs 4.2oz).  I use it about twice a week and it really helps slough off any dead dry skin.  I purchased it back in June and still have close to half the jar left. I also use the Eye Cream and the SPF25 Lip Shield. The lip shield is a classic chapstick compared to Beautycounter’s lip conditioner, tube vs pot, but for days at the playground or pool it’s the best way to help protect my skin. With all the sun damage I inflicted in my teens, SPF is my bestest friend these days in my 30s.  The eye cream is thick and creamy, not greasy too light, and absorbs quickly.

Lastly, I love my DoTerra oils.  I have my own account set up and refill whatever it is I need when my supply gets low.  I’m not a crazy oil lady who diffuses every day in every room, but I do love using oils for health – I pop a OnGuard capsule as soon as I feel a tickle in my throat, and use the OnGuard oils on the girls when sickies are going around at school.  The peppermint has proven to me to be a fever reducer and I have used hand in hand with tylenol when the girls can’t seem to shake a fever with meds alone.  Breathe blend is another savior for when the girls are congested and wake themselves from coughing fits or can’t breathe through their stuffy noses.  And of course lavender is used almost nightly to help with a good night’s sleep.  Whether rubbed on feet with a rollerball bottle or a few drops in body lotion after a bath.

I also love using the lavender rollerball to help soothe bug bites in the summer or even over scrapped knees and boo-boos to heal faster.  Lemon essential oil is my work horse in the kitchen keeping my counters and stovetop sparkling clean and neutralizing any stink coming from the garbage disposal or trash can.  I use a lot more, but those are definitely my go-to keep on hand oils and blends.

Overall, the side hustle game is strong in 2017.  Voodoo oils, skincare, stretchy pants, or protein shakes, smelly candles; you name it, you most likely have a facebook friend selling it!  For a long time I saw it as people looking to shill possibly questionable products as a way to line their own pockets, similar to students selling wrapping paper or chocolate bars to fundraise (ie, junk I don’t need, but feel obligated to buy).  And when your friend is asking you to support their venture, it’s sometimes really hard to say ‘no thanks’ and not think that they should just cut back on the Starbucks if they are looking for some extra income.  However, I now see these products and companies are more than a way make some side cash.  I’ve learned a lot of these products are worth the hype, and when you are going to buy a lipstick or sunscreen regardless, wouldn’t you rather support a friend?  I can’t say every network marketing product out there is a winner, but these are few I’m happy to throw my support behind.  I definitely suggest reaching out to your friends you see non-stop posting and ask them what it’s all about!

Do you sell for a network marketing company?  I would love to hear about some lesser known products or experiences you might have had either using products or working for a company like this!

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