A little unintentional blog break over here.  I’ve become buds with my sewing machine again and we are into Season 6 of Mad Men and just pushing through so the laptop just hasn’t been in the lap much.

Things of note.

After making two easy flutter sleeve tanks for the girls, I decided to tackle a real pattern.  I purchased the popular Geranium Dress pattern from Made By Rae.  It’s perfect because there are so many variations (different necklines, sleeves, dress vs tunic, and pleats vs gathers) that you could make it over and over again and not look like the same shirt or dress.  It was my first time lining a dress, finishing my edges, and making button holes.


I have such a insane stash of fabric from my Mallow and Graeme days, and most of it is quite enough to clothing out of, so I’m trying to work my way through some of it.  However I did order some yardage to make some pretty spring/summer clothes for the girls. Ashlynn was pretty excited that the dress had I been working on fit her perfectly.
navy check | whales | red mini pom
I’ve also been working on a quilt with a lot of the fabric scraps I can’t throw out, but am not sure what else to do with.  It’s pretty hodgepodge, but it’ll be perfect for picnics, sitting on the sidelines at soccer games, or building a fort.
In other news around the house, we finally swapped our foyer light fixture.  I’m not sure why it wasn’t the first thing we did, but the existing one was hideous.  Since we don’t have an open entryway and the stairs are so close, we had to stick with a flush or semi flush mount fixture that didn’t have too low a drop.  After searching through so many styles, we picked a classic school house style that was a total steal from Amazon.
In holiday related news, I have not put up a single thing for St.Patrick’s Day.  This is totally unlike me, as I have St. Pat’s collection that rivals our Christmas.  Now being 10 days out, I might just move over to Easter instead, especially since Ashlynn has been talking about the Easter Bunny a lot lately.  She saw my discarded bag of hidden starbust jelly beans and now asks every day if the Easter Bunny will bring her jelly beans.  “Of course, he will sweetheart. (As long as mommy doesn’t eat them all first).  I picked up most of the goodies already, we don’t do anything big.  Some candy, dollar spot junk, and each girl is a getting a Frozen Fever doll. However, I think this might have to sneak in my little bunnies basket too.
bunny apron (free shipping, too!)
That’s pretty much it around these parts.  Getting excited that the weather is turning into Spring and we are getting some more time outside, because fresh air > that Daniel Tiger (aka the only Kenley wants all the time).

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